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In Florida waters, pompano are caught in the surf and off ocean piers, in coastal bays and around bridges, spoil islands, and sand and oyster bars along the Intracostal Waterway on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This fish is caught on natural baits, jigs and even flies.

Wherever and however you prefer to fish for this popular fish, I have a product just for you. Choose between my top quality Pompano Pro surf-fishing dropper loop leaders and Pompano Plus flies.

Pompano Pro surf dropper rigs

My Pompano Pro surf dropper rigs are made with top-quality components. Choose from 32-inch 2-hook or 36-inch 3-hook rigs tied with 30-pound Ande pink mono, Mustad stainless or gold (nickel plated) kahle style hooks (standard circle hooks can be substituted upon request), durable foam floats, beads and a heavy duty Duolock snap and swivel. Just snap on a 3- to 6-ounce sinker of your choice, bait up and go fishing! Rigs come packaged in a 4 ml reusable Ziplock bag.

I can also provide "wind-on" dropper loop leaders if you prefer. This leader comes without the line-tie swivel and is between 20 and 30 feet long (for surf rods in the 10- to 14-foot range). Some experienced surf fishers prefer this rig because it allows you cast with a few feet of 30-pound line on the reel, eliminating the chance of "snapping off" a rig when fishing the heaviest sinkers on reels spooled with line under 20-pound test.

Pompano Pro Surf Rig prices:

  • Two stainless hook rig-- $3.00
  • Three stainless hook rig- $3.50
  • Two gold hook rig -- $2..50
  • Three gold hook-- $3.00
  • "Whiting" rig (no floats) with gold Kahle hooks:
  • Two hook: $2.00
  • Three hook: $2.25
  • Oversize floats pic

I will take 10 percent off your total price if you prefer to have your rigs shipped in bulk (no seperate packaging). With orders of a dozen or more rigs, postage is included in total price.

Pompano Plus Fly

I designed this fly expressly for pompano over 10 years ago, but it also takes many other inshore species including seatrout, redfish, Spanish mackerel, snook, lookdowns, jacks, ladyfish and more. Thus, the "plus!"

It sinks like, and looks like, the popular jigs used by spin tackle anglers for pompano. Made of translucent, super-durable Super Hair and Cactus chennille and flash with either bead chain (slow sink in shallow water) or lead eyes (faster sink rate in deeper water). It is tied on a No. 2 stainless steel hook. Best fished with a sinking fly line, and should be retrieved with short hops close to or on the bottom. This fly was featured in both Florida Sportsman and Shallow Water Angler magazine, and was the fly used in a past Shallow Water Angler TV show for pompano. Quite simply, it's a killer!

Choices of colors are pictured below.

Pompano Plus flies are $3.25 each. On orders of a dozen or less, standard ground postage will be added. Postage is included on orders of one dozen flies or more. twitter button facebook button Phone:772 521-1882 Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict