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Wednesday January 19 2011 ,10:30 am

Live oysters found in St. Lucie River North Fork

During a fishing trip yesterday in the St. Lucie River's north fork, my fishing partner snagged three or four oyster shell clumps and "landed" all of them. They did not "fight" much, but a couple were certainly alive and apparently thriving. The shells also had a lot of growth and small clams attached. That's the way it should be in the St. Lucie River, if we could end the disastrous Lake O discahrges to our estuary.

The river is in relatively good shape now, thanks to the dry season.

I talked to Florida Oceanographic Society director Mark Perry this morning before I sent him the following posted photos. Perry said that the live oysters were likely from natural seed along that stretch of Bessy Creek cove at Palm City.

"The set you are seeing now, and snagged yesterday, is from natural seed from other areas because we (FOS' oyster program volunteers) have not seeded that particular stretch of oyster bottom," said Perry.

"Some existing oysters did survive the heavy freshwater releases that occured this past summer," he added.

For more information on Florida Oceanographic Society's oyster program. visit, click on "research" and "oyster reef restoration."

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