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Friday September 10 2010 ,10:52 am

My new Umpqua Fly Patterns

Here's a peek at the 2011 Umpqua fly catalog. I'm pretty jazzed that they promote my Midnight Mullet as a featured fly in the general saltwater fly section. And not to jab the guys at Umpqua--because I know full well from 14 years of fishing magazine editorial work that mistakes happen--but they put some bearded stranger in my place in the Umpqua Fly Designers photo page.

Heck, I can't even get a decent 5 o'clock shadow going in three days much less a full face of hair. Oh, and my name is spelled wrong, but that happens a lot, with the "er" and "or" mixup.

That (gentleman?) pictured would be world-class (just ask him!) Texas phtographer, freelance writer and fly fishing guide Capt. Scott Sommerlatte who I shot (with my camera) on a super summer night of snook fly fishing in my home waters in Stuart, Florida. I submitted this photo along with the original sample of the fly because it was typical of the snook that I catch with the pattern. I also sent in pics of me with said fly and fish, but it's possible I failed to point out to the Umpqua guys just who was who. Probably just should have said, I am the clean-shaven one (check the entry below, that's me with the big trout. See, now aren't I much better looking?)

Needless to say, Scott thinks the mixup is hilarious. Just wait til he joins me again for a night snook trip, and asks me for a fly.......

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